Frequently asked Questions

What is AdHive?

AdHive is a platform for automatic mass placement of native advertising on video bloggers channels with a payment system based on Ethereum smart contracts.

Where can I quickly get answers from technical support questions?

You can write to the telegram support channel during the day:

How can I register in the server?

Through the registration form: You can use social networks for quick access to the service. We do not store passwords from social networks, they are only needed for authorization in the social networks themselves.

How can I add and confirm a channel?

  • The blogger's channel is added to the button in the upper right corner.
  • If you go through instagram, then the channel is added automatically.
  • If you add the channel yourself, you need to confirm it by adding a keyword to the channel description:

  • Or you can choose how to verify your account through the Instagram or Google authorization. In this case, the channel is confirmed, if the user is the owner of the channel.