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Creating a global native advertising platform with AI and Blockchain technologies

Platform for automated video ad placement on video bloggers' channels. Network of distributed bloggers with become a new advertising tool for corporate advertisers. can operate with very large audience and disrupt TV as channel for corporate ad campaigns.

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Artificial intelligence

to monitor video channels and streams to find product placement

  • Crypto mass promotion The broadest audience of crypto service
  • International campaigns available No borders, no sofisticated regulations
  • Transparency and reliability Clear funds distribution according to agreements
  • Knowledge sharing Community members share their ideas with bloggers, offer their additional services
  • AI powered Autonated tracking of any video channel, all words and objects will be detected
  • Instant payments Bloggers get paid by fact with smart contract, no risk to loose money
  • Easy vlog monetization Clear mechanics, proven advertisers
  • Time saving No long chats with bloggers, no personal agreement and tracking
  • Streams and broadcasts AI tracks online stream channels as well


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