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Token Sale Stage 1 kicks off in

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Token Sale stages

Feb 28, 2018 - exclusive day for whitelist participants only


Token conversion rate:

1 ETH = 5750 - 6500 ADH
(15%-30% Bonus)

Presale closed in 36 min:

$5.5 million

Token Sale Phase #1

Token conversion rate:

1 ETH = 5000 - 5500 ADH
(0%-10% Bonus)


$12 million


Token Sale Phase #2

Presale and Token Sale Phase #1 participants will get а 10% Bonus to the market price.

30% of Tokens will be sold to participants of the Presale and Token Sale Phase #1. That equals the amount of Tokens to be sold during Token Sale Phase #2, resulting in 60% in total.

Unsold tokens will be burned after the Token Sale

No additional tokens will ever be created

The official conversion rate will be announced 6 hours before the Presale kickoff

What is AdHive?

The first platform that fully automates ad placement with influencers. Placement of the ad with 50 influencers takes as much time as placement with only one.

How does it work?

The AI recognizes when the the influencer has performed the advertiser’s task, then commands the smart contract to execute the payment.

What's the effect?

AdHive brings about a new standard for native advertising, transforms the business model of an influencer marketing platform, and enables fast scalability across different markets.

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Native video advertising is the fastest expanding segment of the ad market

Spending on native
advertising is expected to
double in three years
Adblocking is now one of
the biggest threats to
digital marketing
$27bn by 2020 estimated lost revenues
due to Adblocking
Source: “AdBlock Report” by PageFair
Banner blindness dramatically
deteriorates the efficiency of
classic advertising
0,17% average CTR in 2016
(as opposed to 1,5% in 2005)
TV audience
is getting older
-33% People under 24 years old watch television by third less than in 2010, with some
claiming they don't watch it whatsoever
Source: The Guardian
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AI and blockchain create a brand new world for the influencer ad market

  • Cryptocurrency reaches out to millions Tens of thousands of influencers spread the word across millions of their subscribers
  • AI power harnessed Video / online stream
    channels tracked automatically,
    and corporate identity / mentions detected in an instant
  • Highly liquid token Token demand is expected
    to grow as the market
    rapidly develops
  • Tremendous efficiency A one-stop service to launch a TV- scale campaign in just 30 minutes
  • Global reach AdHive offers international campaigns without jurisdictional
    or regulatory restrictions
  • Transparency and reliability Funds transparently
    allocated in accordance with  pre-determined agreements
  • High flexibility AdHive employs a Performance- based model with CPM, CPA,
    and CPC available
  • Automatic transparent payments The smart contract model ensures tokens are transferred to influencers once the task is complete
  • Sharing the knowledge Community members
    can share their ideas
    with influencers

AdHive platform acts as a matchmaking service for advertisers and influencers

The AI module of the platform recognizes brand identity or vocal mentioning, and triggers payments from the advertiser to the influencer.


An advertiser launches a campaign and allocates appropriate funds


The platform automatically finds influencers relevant to the settings of the campaign

Influencers publish content that incorporates the native ad


The AI recognizes the ad message in their speech or video content and effects a payment

Native ads

The payments are executed automatically with ADH tokens via a smart contract

ADH Token is the core infrastructural element of the platform

Advertisers reserve budgets on the platform by purchasing ADH tokens, while influencers are rewarded with ADH tokens for executing their task properly. All transactions at AdHive, including payments for additional services, are executed in ADH.

The demand for ADH token is justified by the continuous expansion of the ecosystem due to the inflow of new participants, and correlates with total advertising budgets of all ad campaigns hosted on the platform. Influencers and community members will be motivated to keep part of their ADH tokens on the platform.

The overall token supply is limited to the initially issued amount.

The company's revenues are kept in ADH without conversion to fiat currencies.

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MVP for video recognition modules presented

Q3 launched



First client for video recognition from media industry


AdHive idea conceived, customer development conducted


Negotiations with partners, Token Sale preparation


Alpha release



Presale and tokensale phase 1

Beta release

First customers


Activation of Bancor Token Changer

ADH token listing with exchanges


Community assessment functionality rolled out

ADH convertible into several crypto and fiat currencies at the platform


Mobile app for influencers released



AdHive risk manager module mitigates currency risks in expensive campaigns


Education mechanics for influencers and advertisers to increase campaigns efficiency


Ad placement on real-time streaming platforms

Token Sale Phase 2


Release of systems for metadata and background analysis on video channels



Rapid expansion to new markets


Identification of brand/logo/object/phrase on video to analyze the impact of ads on live streams associated with the platform


Identification of the impact of ads on live

The tokens are allocated in accordance with the long-term development goals of the platform and the community

  • Advisory board (6-months uniform vesting) 6%
  • Community grants and Bounties (including testing and bug bounty) 3.5%
  • Legal Compliance 1%
  • Token Sale participants 60%
  • Network growth 16%
  • AdHive Founders (18-months vesting schedule) 11.5%
  • Reserve fund 2%
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From technological solution to market disruption

  • Vadim Budaev

    Co-founder, Technology and Strategy

    We spent two years developing AI modules for TV but it turned out to be too great for an industry that is largely played out. We decided to go farther and enter the most cutting-edge advertising market.
  • Dmitriy Malyanov

    Co-founder, Business Development and Operations

    Blockchain was the final piece of the puzzle. It lets advertisers go global effortlessly, and helps influencers get what they really deserve. There's no other technology these days capable of that. Native ads will become similar to programmatic ads, that's what it's all about. We're two years ahead of our time, and we're going to drive the market.
  • Alexander Kuzmin

    Co-founder, Financial Management and Token Model Development

    Our economic model was developed in cooperation with the creator of Wings' tokens, Sergei Popov. It is fair and involves everyone in the ecosystem while ensuring steadily growing demand for the token.
    The crowdsale is focused on long-term development: we sell just 30% of the entire pool of tokens at phase one. Another 30% are reserved for long-term funding of the platform.
    All our tokens, those of founders, advisors, and the company, are subject to a long-term vesting period of 6 to 18 months. We don't want the token's value to dissolve, and therefore don't offer huge bonuses.
  • Soheil Mirpour

    Senior Vice President Investments at Rocket Internet

    Online Video is disrupting traditional TV. AdHive is revolutionizing Online Video advertising. The combination of the attractive market, innovative concept and great team is outstanding.
  • Chad Pollitt

    Former partner at the Native Advertising Institute, Adjunct Professor of Internet Marketing

    AdHive sits on the cutting edge of both advertising and marketing technology. They are the first and only company that has combined AI, blockchain and influencer marketing. The future looks very bright for them, their investors, customers, and future customers.

The advisory board

  • Serguei Popov

    Scientific and token product concept advisor

    Brazilian research mathematician of Russian origin with a Ph.D. from the Moscow State University. Currently works in the field of Stochastic Processes. He became interested in crypto in the end of 2013, and made a number of contributions to the theoretical aspects of the Nxt cryptocurrency and PoS in general. Co-founder of IOTA and WINGS projects

  • Ivo Georgiev

    Ad tech advisor

    Ad tech advisor Extensive experience as a software engineer with a particular interest in the videoon- demand industry. Since 2012, he has been heading Stremio. Well-versed in cryptography and crypto currencies. CEO and co-founder of AdEx

  • Soheil Mirpour

    Business development advisor

    Senior Vice President Investments at Rocket Internet. He leads the firm’s Private Equity and Growth Investing. Previously, he worked in Private Equity at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and in Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley.

  • Chad Pollitt

    Native advertising Advisor

    Named one of eight top influencers to follow in native advertising, Chad authored “The Native Advertising Manifesto,” “The Content Promotion Manifesto” and “The Global Guide to Native Advertising Technology.” Adjunct Professor of Internet Marketing at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and an Adjunct Instructor of Content Marketing at the Rutgers University Business School. Former partner at the Native Advertising Institute, dedicated to advancing native advertising and leading, educating and connecting marketing, advertising, and publishing professionals so they can flourish in a new, more native, world.

  • Ariel Israilov

    Investment advisor

    Investment advisor Ariel graduated from Finanz Akademie, Vienna and has trading and market making background with over 15 years of global entrepreneurship experience. As a venture capitalist his investment focus is East-African, ASEAN and CIS countries. CEO and founder of FRESHVALE LTD and several IT, finance and security technologies companies

Our experienced team encompasses seasoned developers and entrepreneurs

  • Dmitry Malyanov

    Project development, operations, co-founder

    Co-founder, Webvane, CEO of Data management service, 10+ years in sales and business development. Dmitry is the architect behind the business model and is responsible for setting direction for the company’s products. Professional in AI technologies.

  • Vadim Budaev

    Strategy, HR, technological development, co-founder

    Software development team leader and architect (15 years of experience), Co-founder of, Ideologist and developer of Webvane framework. Specializes in achieving rapid growth in technology companies, opening new markets & creating revenue from new product lines.

  • Alexandr Kuzmin

    Token model development, investment and financial management, co-founder

    Serial entrepreneur and investor with a big experience in start-up development. Deep understanding of math, statistics, and related skills. Wide experience of work with different types of data, business, departments and products in different roles on the local and regional levels. Former professional trader.

  • Larry Christopher Bates

    USA Community manager

    Community advisor Neuroimaging scientist, serial crypto project developer and Blockchain Enthusiast. Telecommunications and cyber-security specialist. Former сommunity leader/advisor for Factom and Synereo. Chief Security Officer/President for Bitland Global

  • Roman Vias


    Qmarketing Founder, Qlean Co-founder.

  • Joy Yugay

    Asia community manager

    Broad experience in community-building worldwide.

  • Dmitry Romanov

    Strategy and business development

    10+ years in Investment acquisition, government relations and joint ventures on foreign markets. M.S.P.M.

  • Ivan Kotov

    Operations, marketing

    Marketing and business development expert in IT startups niche. Former Head of Marketing in Lingualeo, an international language learning SAAS, where worked with CRM base with over 15 mln contacts, acquiring monthly more than 200 thousand users. Specialises in forming effective marketing and bizdev teams, scaling business across new markets.

  • Kristina Kurapova

    Legal compliance and structuring

    8 years of experience in international tax planning and structuring international transactions. Kristina's competence also covers the issues of holding structuring, financial and gambling licensing, legal support in bank account opening worldwide, various international legal issues, including securities regulations, and handling complex business matters. She is involved in the blockchain community since 2016 and participates in Russian Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association.

  • Denis Vorobev

    Software development. Artificial Intelligence expert

    5 years of experience in software development. 3 years of experience in AI and new methods for localizing objects in image using convolutional neural networks. Ph.d. candidate.

  • Denis Dymont

    Frontend and full stack developer

    5 years of experience in software development in: Video streaming AI tools for business Dating, Social Community sites.

  • Alena Vinokurova

    Project Manager

    Experienced ICO manager, supports projects on every stage of their life cycle. True digital enthusiast with passion and applicable experience. Worked with top global and Russian agencies specializing in digital marketing and CRM with sophisticated understanding of both B2B and B2C markets.


  • 14-16 Sep 2017
    Shanghai, China

    The first event we attended. We finally met our scientific advisor, Serguei Popov, who contributed to the theoretical aspects of the Nxt cryptocurrency (#1 project by ROI, since the ICO with 1,157,513% growth) in person.

    FBG party. September 17, 2017

    All of the participants of the Summit were invited to FBG’s cocktail party. It was nice to have an opportunity to talk to everyone in an informal atmosphere.

  • 22-26 Sep 2017
    Mumbai, India

    The India Blockchain Week was one of the first blockchain events in Mumbai and it was a very significant event for our project. We gave our first public speech and our first interview to the Crypto Conversation YouTube channel.

    Also, we met with Shiv Gupta, the first crypto blogger who will get our Tokens for participating in our Bounty Program.

  • 3-5 Oct 2017
    Barcelona, Spain

    The Blockchain Solution Forum was scheduled alongside the 3rd IOT Solutions World Congress 2017 as an integrated event. Many small and major projects presented on an open stage. We found a lot of interesting contacts and met Brock Pierce for the first time.

  • 16-20 Oct 2017
    Tel Aviv, Israel

    AdHive’s roadshow in Israel - four days, full of productive meetings.
    We visited the office of Bancor, our partners. Also, we had a meeting at BlockchainIL’s office and had a conversation with one of the biggest law firms in Israel.

  • 24-26 Oct 2017
    Las Vegas, USA

    CoinAgenda is one of the leading conferences in the cryptocurrency world, it was a big deal for our project to participate in such a significant event. We met a lot of potential partners among the numerous participants and it was great to meet our US Community Manager, Larry Christopher Bates.

  • 29-30 Nov 2017

    The BlockShow Asia, hosted by Cointelegraph, was a big forum with a huge amount of Blockchain startups, investors, founders, C-level executives, lawyers, developers. Most projects were from China, Malaysia and Singapore, of course. We met a lot of potential partners among them. 67 international speakers, 66 exhibitors and more than 300 startups took a part in the event.

  • 8 Dec 2017
    Moscow, Russia

    The CryptoSpace Conference was the biggest Crypto and Blockchain event in Russia. More than 3,000 delegates and 59 international speakers participated in it. The conference was set in 4 panel discussions and 6 sections. It was the first public speech and the first stand in Russia for AdHive.

  • 17 Dec 2017
    Seoul, South Korea

    The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Seminar was a small, but productive event hosted by Crypto Labs. There were a lot of experts from Europe and we found new, useful contacts. Also, we found out how actively the crypto community is developing in Korea. Very effective trip for our project.

  • 21 Dec 2017
    Tokyo, Japan

    A lot of efficient personal meetings. We found 2 new partners and held a remote meetup. After visiting Tokyo, we made sure that the Asian Blockchain community is strong once more.

AdHive partners