The first AI-controlled Influencer Marketing Platform

The Global Platform, where Brands and Influencers meet to create high-quality, native advertising.

Key Features


Easy monetization

A steady flow of offerings from advertisers

Time saving

No personal negotiations, a drag and drop service

Fair payments

Smart contracts on blockchain enable transparent payments

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Tremendous efficiency

A TV-scale influencer marketing campaign in under 30 minutes

Global reach

International campaigns without restrictions


No tedious negotiations and personal payments

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Speech and video recognition

Fully automated service for influencer marketing

Infrastructure as a service

AI technological solution for your business needs

Brand mention analytics

Tool for monitoring native advertising feedback

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Easy earnings

Get ADH Tokens to evaluate native advertising


Create the future of native advertising


Develop the platform with the team

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Make money!
Doing your best!

How it works?


  • Talk and financial calculations
  • Banks and payment systems
  • Quality checking


  • 8 days
  • 7 days
  • 2 days
  • 10 min

Launch the campaign in 10 min and get the relevant result without any execution!

Go for it!